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Medical Seminar Videos

Frontline physicians present the evidence-based medicine and share their clinical experience with this safe and efficacious treatment.  Click on the title link to watch each video.

Vegfest Medical Seminar 2023:

Uma Krishnan, MD, Cardiologist- Preventing and Treating Heart Disease

Uma Malhotra, MD, Infectious Disease Specialist – COVID-19 – Treating comorbid pathologies

Ann Pittier, MD, Internist, Radiation Oncologist – Preventing and Treating Type II Diabetes and DPN

Diane Bai, MD, Gastroenterologist – Treating IBS and IBD

Andrea Veatch, MD, Oncologist – Preventing and Treating Prostate Cancer

Chan Hwang, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus

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Purchase the companion book, The Prevention and Treatment of Disease with a Plant-Based Diet. This book meets the needs of practicing physicians. It includes 25 articles, published in peer-reviewed medical journals, all fully documented with both epidemiological and interventional studies, plus clinical considerations..

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Patient Resources

Vegetarians of Washington has been helping people to change to a vegetarian diet for the past 17 years.  We have the following resources available for you to provide or recommend to your patients:

  • Introductory health-focused brochures

    Available free for self-printing, including:

  • In Pursuit of Great Food – our new plant-based shopping guide, including what to buy, understanding ingredients, labels and more.
  • Say No to Meat – a helpful book to answer all your questions about why and how to go veggie, including a number of easy starter recipes.
  • The Veg-Feasting Cookbook – a comprehensive cookbook, with recipes provided by local restaurants and Vegfest chefs, covering a wider range of different cuisines.
Recommended Books
  • Vegfest, our annual vegetarian food festival held in the spring of each year, where patients can taste a wide variety of available food products, and learn about cooking from our chefs, and health from our physician speakers.
  • Monthly catered dinners, where patients can enjoy tasty meals and meet others following a similar diet.
  • Classes – with accurate, up-to-date health information, general or focused on a specific disease, and with practical shopping and cooking advice.
Events in and around Seattle